Meet Heather Nichole


Hi! I am Heather Nichole and I am a lifestyle photographer who specializes in families and children. I am also a wife, mother of 2, and a huge coffee addict! I am not a fan of reality tv shows, BUT on Monday nights you can find me hanging out with my girlfriends with a glass of wine watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette!

When it comes to my children I love everything about being a parent. I love the silly things my children say, the unexpected hugs and kisses they give me at random parts of the day, and even the temper tantrums that us parents know all too well.  Yes, we are that family  you see at restaurants with the crazy toddler that you hope your child never acts like out in public . We are hoping our son grows out of that stage soon.It’s all of those little things (and more) that make up my life though.  I would love to know what makes up yours!

-Heather Nichole


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