Herr Family

Natalie  contacted me around the middle of March inquiring about having her family session done before her husband’s military training took place. We were  able to set a date and I met her and her SWEET family at the end of May. I could not have been more excited about working with them. The whole time Natalie and Nicholas were so involved and loving with Elliot and Lucy that I could have stayed with them for hours capturing all of  their sweet moments with one another. I was sad to hear that they would be moving in just 2 short months. I would LOVE to work with this family as often as they would let me 🙂 Thank you so much Herr family for allowing me into your lives and capturing your last family session here in GA!

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Paige Family Session

Meet the Paige family! I was so excited when Jessica contacted me back in February about doing a spring session. We are friends on Facebook so I would always see her cute family come through on my news feed.  When they showed up for their session the first thing I thought of was what an  awesome job she did picking out clothes for everyone-I loved the color choices. Watching them play and interact with their daughter Rylan brought me back to when my daughter was 3, and I realized just how fast time really does go by. I left this session feeling so thankful for the chance to work with them. . Thank you Jessica, Zack, and Rylan for letting me join in your family fun Sunday afternoon.


Dykes Family Session

It was such a beautiful day for the Dykes’ Family session! It was the first session of the year that the weather was actually enjoyable and felt spring like. We had perfect sunlight-a slight breeze, and an awesome venue to shoot at! (Tryphena’s Garden in Fort Valley.)

Deneice, Casey, and Olivia were such a  sweet and easy family to work with. The bond they have with their daughter, and each other, truly shows in their pictures. They all have smiles that just make you enjoy being around them….and are contagious as well. I think I smiled the entire time just watching them play with Olivia and chase her around.  At the end of our session Deneice confessed to me that she almost canceled because she was so nervous about being in front of the camera. I am so glad that she didn’t–Look how amazing and happy she looks!

Thank you again Deneice and Casey for allowing me to capture your family’s session!!