Eli’s Birth Story

Stevee and Brett arrived at the hospital Tuesday evening on April 30th. The plan was for Stevee to receive a dose of cervidil that evening, start pitocin and break her water in the morning, and then have a baby later that evening. I was going  to arrive Wednesday morning around 9, about an hour after the doctor planned on breaking her water and stay until after Eli was born.

Wednesday morning Stevee texted me around 8  to let me know that she was still only at 1 cm and that the doctor had not yet broken her water. We decided that instead of 9:00 I would come at 12, and hopefully she would be a little farther along and making some sort of progress. I arrived a little after 12 and stayed for about an hour and a half. She was still only at 1cm and her contractions were not changing. Dr Lee decided to give her until  5:00 and if she was still only at 1cm he would stop the pitocin and then start it back up again in the morning.

I went home but stayed on call in case anything changed between 1:30-5:00. I received a text around 5:30 with Stevee telling me that she would see me in the morning. They were going to give her a break and let her eat and rest before starting the whole process over again in the morning.

I arrived back at the Women’s’ Center on Thursday a little after 10:30. Stevee was at 1 1/2 cm and the doctor had just broken her water. Her contractions started up very quickly and she began making progress right away.  There were 2 emergency c-sections and 6 inductions that were going on that morning.  Stevee was first on the list to receive the epidural but there was only one anesthesiologist available. Her contractions were very close together and she was only getting a 30 second to about a minute break in between. Around 11:00 she was at 5cm and in A LOT of pain.

It was a little after 12 when  Stevee was finally able to receive her epidural BUT was already at 7 1/2 cm- What a trooper!   She jumped from 7 1/2 to 10 in about an hour and a half  and began pushing around 2:30-2:45.

Little Eli was born to Brett and Stevee Guilbeaux on Thursday, May 2nd at 3:38 pm at Houston Medical in Warner Robins, GA

Brett and Stevee: Thank you both SO much for sharing this day with me. You two, along with your families, were so sweet to me throughout the day making me  feel like family! To be able to provide these photos for you two as parents and Eli means the world to me. Thank you both again  ❤

Click here to watch Eli’s Birth Story Video




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