Josh + Wrenn

Josh and Wrenn’s wedding took place at  Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island. Aside from Wrenn being  my cousin (allowing me to spend entire weekend with my family) I loved everything, and I mean everything about this wedding! Wrenn was just so full of joy, happiness, and laughter  from the time I got there Friday night all the way  to Sunday afternoon when I left.

The morning of the big day was very cloudy and gloomy, but Wrenn did not let that get her down. She was so excited to be marrying Josh that nothing else mattered-you can tell just how happy she is in all of these photos.

By the time the ceremony started the sun had decided to come out! Along with the beautiful sunlight shining down on us  we also were joined by jumping dolphins just 20 feet away from everyone, along  with Captain Jack Sparrow. Talk about an eventful ceremony!

Thank you Josh& Wrenn for sharing your big day with me!! I don’t think I have ever seen two people so excited to be together and you two are absolutely perfect for one another!! I love you guys!!!



One thought on “Josh + Wrenn

  1. Heather! Thank you so much!!! The pictures turned out so beautiful!! It was such an amazing day and we were so happy to have you there to celebrate with us for the whole weekend! We love you and can’t wait to see everything 🙂

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