Griffin + Sarah

Sarah contacted me back in December about two weeks after her engagement. I was SO excited to hear that several people had recommended me to her (one being a friend that I went to elementary school with but have yet to keep in touch with except through Facebook!)  After e-mailing back and forth for a couple of weeks Sarah told me that I was her number one choice and that she wanted to book me for her September wedding!!

When I first met Griffin and Sarah I immediately fell in love with them! I love when I instantly click with a couple and that is exactly what happened.  I was able to talk with them about so many things that were non wedding related and they seemed to be very relaxed with me-which is what I want for each client that I meet with. The day of their session was probably the windiest day of the year but they were such troopers and we were able to get some amazing shots!

Thank you Griffin and Sarah for having me as your photographer! I am beyond excited that I get to share in your amazing day and I know that I will enjoy every minute of it.  You are both such a delight to be around and your  genuine personalities make it so easy to capture your love for each other. Happy wedding planning–see you guys soon!!



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